MindWell and Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Present: The Eudaimonia Award

The UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative Eudaimonia Award is an annual award to  recognize members of the UCLA community, past or present, who exemplify Eudaimonia by living a life full of purpose and meaning. The UCLA HCI Eudaimonia Society highlights members of the UCLA community who, through their immense personal efforts, inspire others to seek Eudaimonic well-being.

2020 Eudaimonia Award Nominations Now Open

What is Eudaimonia?

Aristotle distinguished hedonia, the brief, fleeting happiness derived from immediate satisfaction of drives, from eudaimonia, the sustained happiness that comes from living a life rich in purpose and meaning.

Core concepts of Eudaimonia include:

  • Generosity
  • Resilience and overcoming hardship
  • Selflessness
  • Dedication to the common good and society at large
  • Inspirational
  • Commitment to long-term goals in the face of obstacles

To learn more: Read Q&A with Dr. Joseph Raho, Clinical Ethicist at UCLA Health.

Award Description

The Semel Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) Eudaimonia Award is an annual recognition award given to a member of the UCLA community past or present who exemplifies a life full of purpose and meaning.  The 2020 Eudaimonia Award recipient will be honored directly after a TEDxUCLA Salon in Spring.


All members of the UCLA community- including alumni, students, staff, and faculty- are eligible for nomination. Nominations may be made posthumously. You may not nominate yourself for the Eudaimonia Award.

The Foundations of Eudaimonia