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Finding Routine amidst Chaos

If you’re like me, you may have struggled to establish a routine…
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Mental Health Literacy: Anxiety

1 in 3 college students report experiencing a diagnosable mental…
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Do I Need a Hobby?

When you hear the word “hobby”, what do you think of? You…
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Want Free Therapy? Try Nature

We know intuitively that getting outside is good for us. But…

The Clinical Corner: How cancer affects mental wellbeing in patients

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be the single most terrifying…
The Roots of Eudaimonia: An Interview with Joseph Raho

The Roots of Eudaimonia: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Raho

UCLA is holding their third annual Eudaimonia awards on April…

Resilience on the RISE

Resilience (noun) re·​sil·​ience | \ ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s ​1)​…
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Healthy Minds and Healthy Hearts: An Interview with Kimberly Uehisa

While heart health is often overlooked by younger generations,…
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The Piano Project Launch: Reflections from Jeremy Barrett

From dodging flyers to indulging in table-side snacks, traversing…

Slime During Grind Time

On Friday, December 7th, members of the MindWell pod in the Healthy…

Taking a STAND for Mental Health at UCLA

The Depression Grand Challenge​ has taken many strides…

Meet Anusha Sadda, CAPS Student Advisory Board Member

Many people know about Counseling and Psychological Services…

Yoga in the Community: Meet Carina Marcellas and Yoga for Flexible Futures!

The Healthy Campus Initiative funds a plethora of research and…
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It’s Yanni, okay? How an internet divide reflects the need for cultural introspection

How can we become more aware of ourselves while holding space…
Peter Whybrow in HCI Blog

Eudaimonia Honoree Spotlight: Peter Whybrow

For the second year in a row, the Healthy Campus Initiative is…
Madison Feldman

Eudaimonia Society Spotlight: Madison Feldman

Madison Feldman is a third-year undergraduate student at UCLA…
Eudaimonia Award Winner Louis Tse

Eudaimonia Award Winner Spotlight: Louis Tse

Aristotle distinguished hedonia, the brief, fleeting happiness…
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Psychology of Hate

We are experiencing an increasing level of hate in our society.…

How to Meditate

Have you ever thought of trying meditation but been intimidated…
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Why Live Music Matters

Our Mindful Music team entered the Pediatrics Unit at the Santa…
Winter18Mindfulness Challenge

Week 6 is for Mindfulness, are you up for the Challenge?

What is the Stop, Breathe, and Think MIndfulness Challenge? Last…

How to stay grateful after Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone; taking with it the feeling of…

Meditation Apps Review: For Your Finals Stress Relieving Pleasure

Week ten seems to have appeared upon us once again in the blink…

5 Tips to Creating Your Perfect “Snooze-List”

We all have that favorite pillow or sleeping position where our…

TEDxUCLASalon Resilience

By:  Lucy Tseng, MA, Event Organizer and UCLA Staff “The…

Benefits of Journaling

Sometimes when you are going through a lot, whether it be in…

Hidden in the Shadows: High-Functioning Depression

  For the majority of my life, I had no sense of who I…

Presence: In Life and on the Page

As you all may know, May is National Mental Health Awareness…
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Stop talking and say something: FacetheIssue.com encourages conversation to tackle mental illness

This May, as we celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Month,…
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Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg talks Visual Healing

By: Artemisia Valeri, MindWell Pod Coordinator of the Healthy…

Stop, Breathe, & Think Mindfulness Challenge

We’re just about halfway through the quarter, and midterms,…

For Metta World Peace, Living Well Matters

By: Vanessa Perez, MPH student at the UCLA Fielding School of…

Get Involved: Out of the Darkness Campus Walk

It’s the beginning of Spring quarter — with only eight weeks…
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Creativity & the Arts in Healing

10-year-old Kara makes a collage featuring a large bird standing…

Exploring Mindfulness

I was first exposed to mindfulness when I started at UCLA. When…

How to Practice Self-Compassion

In the journey towards finding balance in your life, the practice…
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Yoga and Yogis: You’ve Gotta Check it Out

In a place like Los Angeles, we hear about yoga almost everywhere…
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Interview with a Certified Resilience Peer

Upon reading the title above, many questions may come to mind:…
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The Many Benefits of Knitting

When we hear the word “knitting”, many of us think of sweet-looking,…
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5 Non-traditional New Year’s Resolutions for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Every 365 days, a large, sparkly ball drops in Times Square,…
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New Year, New You? Mental Health and New Year’s Resolutions

While the New Year appears to present a positive opportunity…

Expanding Your Perspective on Self-Care

  In order to be a successful student, being healthy and…

8 Ways to Beat the Stress of Finals

Finals week signals the end of weeks worth of students’ hard…
Physical Activity

Free Self Defense Classes at UCLA: Protecting the Mind and Body

  What if… Imagine walking back from a late night…
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Perfectionism, Procrastination, and the Practice of Self-Care

  For most of my academic career, I prided myself in being…

What to Eat or Drink in Class to Stay Awake and Focused

For many college students, the one thing we can’t seem to get…
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Implementing Meditation into your Life: How to do it and Why you should

As a college student, there are so many things to think about…

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in College: 3 Common Challenges

  College is often a wonderful experience for young men…
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To judge or not to judge in mindfulness

By Lobsang Rapgay, PhD, research psychologist in the Department…
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Beauty Inside and Out: Female Body Image and Mental Health

  Every year, thousands of young women head off to college…
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Mind Well Gives Students Tools to Address Their Mental Health

By Ross Szabo, Author Behind Happy Faces Every week I read…

Play Explores Mental Health and Friendship With Beloved TV Show as a Backdrop

By Gene Gillespie I get by with a little help from my friends…
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Putting Your Brain First: 5 Mental Health Student Organizations at UCLA

The beginning of another school year brings opportunities for…
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UCLA Health and Wellness Resources 101: A Guide for New Students

In addition to the Healthy Campus Initiative, there are many…
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Tips to Fight Every College Student’s Worst Habit: Procrastination

  If you are a UCLA student, you are probably all too…
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The Health Benefits of Prosocial Behavior

Today, August 19th is World Humanitarian Day, which recognizes…
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The best mental health book that isn’t a mental health book

The best health and wellness book I have ever read is not one…
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Resilience in the Face of Tragedy

 What can we do to heal from the events at UCLA on June 1? Our…

Wake Up, College Students: Here’s The Science On Sleep

Sleep is something we all love, so why do we constantly put it…
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Sleep Deprivation Is No Joke

By: Carolanne Link, UCLA Undergraduate Student Recently, I…

7 Strategies to Optimize Your Sleep Routine

Co-authored by David Baron, MD and the UCLA MindWell Team The…
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Be on the Best Stressed List

By: David B. Baron, M.D. I’m having a particularly stressful…
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The stranger within: Connecting with our future selves

By Cynthia Lee While we routinely make sacrifices for the people…
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Did you see that story on the news last night?

By: Doug Barrera, Ph.D., Assistant Director, UCLA Center for…
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“What is an artists’ book, exactly?”

By: Robert Gore,  Visual Arts Librarian and curator of the artists’…

‘Cinemeducation’ – Mental Illness and the Movies

By: David Taylor, MD Would you agree that movies reflect society’s…
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Turn Your Assumptions Around about Left Brain & Right Brain

About the Author: Scott Barry Kaufman is a cognitive psychologist…
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How do physicians get through the tough times?

By: Karen Miotto, Professor of Psychiatry in the Semel Institute…
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Enlightened?—How can we all achieve well-roundedness and find contentment?

By Maxwell James In the last three years I’ve spent at UCLA,…
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Do you want to win the lottery? Chances are, you answered Yes.…
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Use of Mindful Exercise to Promote Wellbeing

There is currently extensive use of complementary and alternative…
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Picture This: Healing Trauma through Art

The creative arts therapies are uniquely effective in the treatment…
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The Balancing Brain: Finding Harmony and Awareness

Jill Bolte Taylor's TED talk  and book -- "My Stroke of Insight"…