Explore resources on-campus and off to build resilience, practice, mindfulness, get involved, seek help for yourself or a friend, and more

Contemplative practices, meditation, and more


Find your center through the contemplative activities available at UCLA. Explore techniques such as meditation and yoga and hear live music aimed at promoting relaxation, building energy, and helping you achieve personal development and wellness goals.

  • Environment for the mind 
  • Arts for Wellness 
  • Music 
  • Meditation

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Psychological support


UCLA offers a variety of services to support the emotional and psychological well being of students, faculty, and staff. Function at your prime and feel your best.

  • Working through trauma and disasters
  • Anonymous Mental Health Screening Program
  • Psychological Support Apps

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Peer Support and Education


Interested in furthering your knowledge on wellness and meeting other Bruins? UCLA offers an array of peer support programs and student groups that promote wellness. 

  • Student Groups for Wellness
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institution 
  • Grit Peer Coaching

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Brain Development and Management


If you can bulk up your biceps, why not train your brain? Through systematic exercises, positive psychology, and other mindfulness practices, you have the ability to coach your brain to achieve more of your personal goals.

  • Stress
  • Master Your Mind
  • Self Management
  • Sleep

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Academic Courses


Want to take your interest in brain and mind wellness to the next level? Read more about courses related to MindWell’s mission.

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Campus Resources


UCLA offers a variety of services and programs to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of its students.

  • Rise 
  • The Ashe Center
  • LGBT Center
  • Bruin Resource Center
  • Center for Accessible Education 
  • Student Health Education and Promotion
  • Campus Resource Map

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Initiative to Study Hate Resources

Learn about the Initiative to Study Hate (ISH) at UCLA to understand how hate manifests, especially through social media, whom it could harm and how to minimize its impacts.

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Get Involved

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Community service is good for the mind. UCLA provides many opportunities to get involved.

  • Mindwell
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • UCLA Art & Global Health Center

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