De-Stress Events

Clay Day

2019: Clay Day Event

During midterms and finals, UCLA Library partners with MindWell to host pop-up de-stress events outside the of the Powell Library. For two to three hours, the UCLA community is offered a creative and kinesthetic medium to help de-stress and promote mindfulness. Activities during past events have consisted of making slim, sowing seeds, collaging, and crafting with clay.

Eudaimonia Events

The UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative Eudaimonia Award is an annual award to recognize members of the UCLA community, past or present, who exemplify Eudaimonia by living a life full of purpose and meaning. The UCLA HCI Eudaimonia Society highlights members of the UCLA community who, through their immense personal efforts, inspire others to seek Eudaimonic well-being. 

Visit MindWell’s Eudaimonia page to learn more and nominate a bruin you know!

Eudaimonia Event

Eudaimonia & TEDx Salon