UCLA offers a multitude of programs and activities to stimulate your brain, mind, and spirit. To achieve higher levels of wellness and manage stress, check out some of these programs and activities. If you find something else wonderful, please share share with us at

  • Contemplative Practices, Meditation, and More

    Find your center through the contemplative activities available at UCLA. Explore techniques such as meditation and yoga and hear live music aimed at promoting relaxation, building energy, and helping you achieve personal development and wellness goals.

  • Psychological Support

    UCLA offers a variety of services to support the emotional and psychological well being of students, faculty, and staff. Function at your prime and feel your best.

    • Students:
      • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides comprehensive psychological well-being services to UCLA students including 24 hour phone crisis counseling, individual and group counseling, and psychoeducational programs and workshops for students, staff, and faculty.
    • Staff & Faculty:
      • UCLA’s Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (SFCC) fosters a productive and supportive work environment for all employees through a wide range of services.  All services are free, voluntary, and confidential. SFCC Brochure online here.
      • Consult the Red Folder for guidance on how to assist students in crisis.
      •  The UC Mental Health Handbook provides in-depth information on about mental health and examines the role faculty and staff members can play in providing a supportive academic environment.  See specific UCLA resources to refer students to here.
      • See an employee or staff member in distress?  Reach out to UCLA’s Behavioral Intervention Team. See their brochure here.
    • Sexual Assault & Violence Survivors:
  • Peer Support & Education

    • ASK Peer Counselors answer questions about academic and general education requirements, deadlines, petitions, degree audit report clarification and interpretation, and more.
    • Peer Health Educators implement quarterly health education/promotion programs and initiatives that address specific public health needs within the campus community: Apply now and email with any questions.
    • Student Health Advocates encourage students to develop a healthy lifestyle and educate students on well-being.
  • Brain Development & Management

    If you can bulk up your biceps, why not train your brain? Through systematic exercises, positive psychology, and other mindfulness practices, you have the ability to coach your brain to achieve more of your personal goals.

    • The Happiness Challenge/ReBoot Camp: Get 8 Weeks of Habits, Self-Improvement, and Prizes
      • Participants get:
        • Free access to the online program
        • Entry into gift card drawings (two $100 and twenty $10 gift cards)**
        • Entry into the weekly prize drawings, like event tickets, gift cards, free food from local businesses, and more
        • Students that complete all 8 weeks will earn a Completer Reward Package and be entered in the drawing for the finalist big prizes (all $150 – 400 value), including gym memberships, Six Flags tickets, photography sessions, and more

        Interested? Find out more about this program and research study and confirm your eligibility by completing the entry survey below by October 6th, 2017. The survey will take about 8 minutes or less.

         Sign-Up Now * Questions? Email Leslie Rith-Najarian at

        *This survey is voluntary, and you must be a currently enrolled UCLA undergraduate student and be 18 years or older. ** Participation in the survey is not required in order to participate in the raffle. Details of research involvement and prize drawing are explained in the Study Information Sheet on the first page of the survey. Approximate odds of winning an Amazon gift card if you complete the survey are approximately between 1:38 to 1:76.

    • Explore the activities of the Tennenbaum Center for Creativity and the cutting edge resources UCLA offers in brain development and management that are exploring human creativity. (Also see the Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity Facebook page to stay informed.)
    • Visit lecture series and more at the UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, Development and Mental Health.
    • Open your mind through special events:  The Friend’s of The Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
    • Explore how UCLA is promoting wellness through research with Semel Research.
  • Student Groups for Wellness

    • Student Wellness Commission: addressing student health needs at UCLA since 1964.
    • Total Wellness Magazine:  Student Wellness Commission magazine.
    • UCLA Cultural Affairs Commission: focused on “edutainment” (education + entertainment) to ignite dialogue regarding current events, facilitate an exhibition of creativity, and promote cultural opportunities on campus.
    • Innergy at UCLA: check out the Innergy student group for opportunities to develop mindfulness and creativity.
    • Students for Integrative Medicine: provides ways to incorporate integrative medical practices into your daily life and helpful resources that make healthy living sustainable and flexible enough to fit into students’ busy schedules.
    • Active Minds: Not everyone has mental illness, but everyone has mental health. Active Minds at UCLA is one chapter of a national organization that promotes mental health awareness on campus.
    • Yoga for Flexible Futures teaches nutrition, mindfulness and yoga to elementary and middle school students in under-served schools in the Los Angeles Unified school district.
    • Green Ribbon Club is committed to ending the social stigma surrounding mental illness in order to encourage communities to utilize local public health resources, with the ultimate goal of mitigating the rising number of suicides in the United States.
  • Arts for Wellness

    • Check out the amazing Arts for Wellness resources at UCLA
      • Arts & Mind-Body Wellness
      • Museums
        • Hammer Museum: The Hammer has a mix of permanent galleries and temporary installations and offers free admission for everyone.  
        • Fowler Museum: investigate past and present global arts and cultures at the Fowler Museum through its online publications, collections, research, and more.
        • Seasonal Guide to the Arts at UCLA: Your guide to UCLA Arts.
      • Media
      • Libraries
        • Arts Library: The Arts Library has more than 300,000 books in the fields of architecture, architectural history, art, art history, design, film, television, photography as art, theater, and allied disciplines.
      • Events
  • Get Involved & Community Service

    • See a project you’d like to get involved in? We’d love your help! Email us at
    • Become a Resilience Peer: The Resilience Peer Network (RPN) is a collective of UCLA undergraduate and graduate students trained to support fellow students.
    • Community service is good for the mind. UCLA provides many opportunities to get involved.
      • E3: Ecology, Economy, Equity: Check out the largest environmental organization at UCLA who seeks to create a system that incorporates environmental responsibility, economic viability, and human justice.
      • Community Service Groups: Join a community service student group at UCLA.
      • Creative Minds Project: Apply to the Creative Mind Project to use art as a vehicle for wellness at local mental health agencies.
      • Random Acts of Kindness: Join Random Acts of Kindness at UCLA and promote small, yet frequent genuine good deeds on campus and in the local community.
      • UCLA Art & Global Health Center: Volunteer through the UCLA Art and Global Health Center to promote wellness through the arts.
      • UCLA Health and Volunteer Services: Volunteer through the UCLA Health System.
      • Green Living Guide: Read up on the Green Living Guide provided by UCLA Sustainability to do small things everyday to make a big difference.
  • Environment for the Mind

    Getting outside and experiencing nature is good for the mind. Explore the many opportunities for this at UCLA.

  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLL) at UCLA

    • If you’re 50 or over and interested in the sheer joy of learning, UCLA Extension invites you to join a vibrant community of like-minded adults at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCLA (OLLI). OLLI provides a unique opportunity for retired and semi-retired individuals to participate in an extensive program of classes, lectures, discussion groups, special events, and social gatherings.You can find us in your neighborhood with locations in Westwood Village, Sherman Oaks, and Hollywood.

  • Campus Resources